A perfectly elegant and agile 426mm Japanese Yanagiba knife

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The Knife

The Possibilities Are Infinite

  • The English translation for the Japanese word Mugen is “Infinity.” This is because the blade was designed to be the last Yangiba knife you ever buy.
  • It is one of the most durable, but artistically designed knives we have ever seen.
  • It features a dual-core construction of two different kinds of steel.
  • The cutting core is made with our favourite kind of Japanese steel, VG10. The outer layers are composed of a quality 410 stainless steel alloy that has been infused with extra carbon and chromium for superb durability and edge retention.

Ergonomic & Surprisingly Fashionable

  • Even though the knife was not forged using Japanese techniques, it still employs the beautiful oceanic-Asian design was made popular throughout Japan since the early 19th century.
  • It features a stunning octagon-shaped Ebony wood handle which is made from trees in the tropics.
  • It also boasts an arc-designed bolster and a slanted handle, which allows the knife to perfectly balance in your hand for those precise sashimi cuts.

Not Really A “Traditional” Japanese Knife

  • Unlike most of our knives, this blade is was not crafted using the traditional folding techniques that became popular throughout Japan.
  • Instead, it was made using a process called veneering. This is a special kind of forging method that was inspired by traditional Japanese folding methodology, but it has since been perfected by Chinese Knife Smiths.
  • The veneer-forging process allows for multiple micro-layers of different metals to be tempered and bonded together.
  • Doing this makes knives that are remarkably resilient to rough use in fast-paced and demanding kitchens.

An Excellent Tool For Meat

  • Traditionally the Yanigiba is a single-bevel blade that is used mostly by Asian chefs for preparing ultra-thin slices of fish for sushi dishes.
  • However, these knives are increasingly becoming popular in the West and are being used to portion hanger steaks, flanks, raw poultry, pork tenderloins, and other boneless meats.
  • It is not an oddity anymore to find this knife in the house of a seasoned cook, or in the kitchen of a luxury steakhouse in North America.

Versatile & Durable

  • Mugen is slightly thicker than standard kitchen knives. This allows it to provide a sturdy and ridged feel that instills a feeling of confidence in its user.
  • The long, narrow blade also ensures paper-thin slices of meat, and the hand polished finish creates a frictionless edge that food no food can stick to.
  • Its ultra-sharp and robust blade that results from the veneer-forging method will allow you to sail through any kind of meat fiber effortlessly.

Dangerous & Beautiful

  • This knife was carefully designed to project the look and feel of a silent but deadly tool.
  • We at Masuta Knives have already become hopelessly addicted to the metallic “hum” it makes as you slide it out of its Cherrywood sheath.
  • Like a ninja sprinting through the night, or a breeze of wind racing through a moonlit forest, the Mugen knife is a ruthless, agile and elegant culinary instrument of almost incomparable performance.

The Specs

Verified Customers

Knife Care & Faq

Masuta's Certificate of Authenticity

  • We provide all our customers with a customized certificate as well as the appropriate papers and documentation that verify how your knife was made.
  • This includes where the different metals and materials were sourced from, and it states the name and location of the Knife Smith.
  • It also explains step-by-step the specific kinds of forging techniques and processes that were used to make your knife.
  • Plus, it includes the names and roles of all the different people who contributed to creating your knife.

Insured Parcels with Free Shipping & Complimentary Tracking

  • We know that you'll be very excited while waiting to get your special new knife!
  • That's why we process and ship all of our orders on the very next day.
  • All of our shipped parcels are insured and come with tracking numbers, free of charge.
  • Masuta Knife Imports also proudly supports Free Worldwide Shipping!
  • Already ordered your knife? Track your parcel on our website.

Our Renowned Lifetime Warranty

  • We proudly stand behind everything that we sell. Any knife that’s sold by Masuta Knife Imports (or any of our partners) is warranted to last through a lifetime of hard use.
  • We promise that if you show your knife the respect that it deserves, then it’ll never let you down.
  • In the rare case that a blade or handle is damaged, we will be happy to either repair your knife, or send you a brand new one!
  • Please see our warranty page for more info on how to get a knife replaced.

Hassle-Free 60 Day Returns

  • At Masuta Knife Imports, happy customers are our number one priority. We take pride in offering knives of the highest quality and craftsmanship.
  • If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, for any reason, then please send us an email. 
  • We will be happy to offer you your choice of an exchange or a refund.
  • We also offer our customers an additional $10 refund credit.
  • We respond to all emails within 48-hours, and we always process returns immediately. Please visit our returns page for more information.

Carefully Packaged by Hand

  • All of our knives are shipped in protectively padded cardboard boxes.
  • This is to ensure that your blade stays safe on its journey to you.
  • Many of our customers also choose to use the original packaging to store their knives in between uses.

Not Dishwasher Friendly

  • We perform extensive durability testing on all our knives before we agree to share them with our wholesale or online customers.
  • This is to ensure that we provide the highest quality products that will last the longest.
  • So, this means that if you’re in a pinch, yes you can put a Masuta knife in the dishwasher. One gentle wash cycle won’t be enough to cause permanent harm to the edge, handle, or tone of your knife.
  • However, please keep in mind that most dishwasher powders and detergents contain highly alkaline compounds such as trisodium phosphate.
  • Long-term exposure to these chemicals will eventually start to degrade the handle, and "decarbonize" the tone of your blade. This is why professional Chefs always hand wash their knives.
  • We do provide industrial grade knives capable of withstanding commercial foodservice environments as part of our wholesaling business. Please visit our wholesale page for more information.

Sharpen As Needed

  • All of our knives are specifically forged so that they have a long-lasting, durable edge.
  • For a home cook, they stay razor-sharp for many months and possibly up to a year!
  • For a professional Chef who is using the knife multiple times a day, its edge can last for up to three-months between sharpening.
  • For the best results when re-sharpening, we recommend you use a series of whetstones with different grits. You can also use a sharpening rod of your choice.
  • Electric sharpeners are usually okay too, as long as they are high-quality ones.
  • Each knife also comes with a sharpening guide and recommended sharpening angles as part of the Masuta Certificate of Authenticity.

Please be Careful

  • Our knives are built to hold a lasting, razor-sharp edge. Please remember to be cautious when using your knife and to keep children away.
  • We also take the time to pre-sharpen all of our knives by hand before we send them to you. This is so your knife will be able to shave through thin strips of paper right out of the box!
  • Although doing this is very fun and satisfying (we do it too), please remember to be careful and not to get too excited when you first get your knife. Masuta Knife Imports is not responsible for any injuries that may result from improper or unsafe handling of your knife.
  • All of our blades are beautiful and unique. However, they can also be dangerous, and they must be respected as such.