Displaying Masuta's 297mm damascus steel santoku knife on a grey wood cutting board
297mm Santoku
Showcasing the wood handle made from Japanese pakkawood on a black granite stone cutting table
297mm santoku knife on display on a black granite cutting surface with green onions and garlic
Professional chef holding the 297mm santoku knife to display the damascus steel blade edge over a black granite cutting board
Showcasing the damascus blade core and blade profile dimples over a black cutting board with prepped vegetables

297mm Santoku

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It Has the Strength to Last Lifetimes 

  • If we at Masuta Knife Imports could only pick one knife to use for the rest of our lives, we would almost certainly pick this one.
  • Its long-lasting razor edge, combined with its durability, versatility, and its elegant folded Damascus steel pattern will make it your number one knife in the kitchen.

A Deceptively Ironic Name 

  • Itoko is the Japanese word for Cousin.
  • We later learned that it was named in an ironic sense because this knife does not need guidance, and it is the farthest thing from harmless.

It’s Hardly An Innocent Blade 

  • Unleash Itoko on your kitchen, and you’ll instantly know why its namesake is humorous.
  • It’s pre-sharpened to be razor-sharp right out of the box, and its versatility makes it capable of effortlessly handling whatever task your kitchen can throw at it.

Imbued with the Wisdom of the Ancients 

  • Following the thousand-year-old traditional Japanese methods, Itoko features a cutting core forged from a single bar of world-renowned premium grade Japanese VG10 steel.
  • Then this core is insulated on either side with 33 layers of hammer folded stainless Damascus steel.
  • These alternating layers of chromium and carbon-infused Damascus steel allow for a softer and lighter blade that flawlessly absorbs impacts and creates a perfectly balanced blade profile.
  • Similar to the way katana swords were made, the end result of this forging process creates an unbelievably strong cutting core, that retains scalpel-like razor sharpness for months on end.

It Takes Months to Forge 

  • The most valuable thing you can give someone is not money, it’s time.
  • The reason Itoko is such a ruthless thing of beauty is because it takes over four months to create from start to finish.
  • Every step of this process is completed with the utmost care and respect for the final blade that is slowly being created.
  • Right from refining the metal, folding and bonding the outer layers of alloy together, tempering the blade, the nine-step sharpening method, all the way to the final smith that polishes that blade. It truly is a magical collective process.

Your Kitchens Most Adaptable Warrior 

  • Japanese Santoku knives are the equivalent of a western Chef knife. This means that Itoko is capable of conquering whatever you need and is a great all-rounder knife.
  • When our customers really want to purchase a quality cutting instrument but are not sure what kind of knife to buy, we often recommend they pick a Santoku.
  • If you want to amaze a loved one with a beautiful gift, or maybe you’re just starting to get serious about cooking and need a quality blade that you can depend on. Or perhaps you’re already a seasoned professional chef who’s looking at making another great addition to your knife bag.
  • The long-lasting sharpness of the Japanese VG10 steel cutting core, paired with the durability of the Damascus steel, and the stunning resin-treated Pakkawood handle makes Itoko the perfect addition to anyone’s kitchen.