The Masuta Knife Blog Series

  • Carbon versus Stainless Steel Blades... An Introduction and Everything You Need to Know

  • The Japanese Yanagiba Knife... An Introduction

    Renowned for its "sushi slicing" abilities, the Yanagiba knife is truly a classic Japanese masterpiece. But, you may be surprised to learn that chefs are starting to use this exquisite blade for more than just producing beautifully thin pieces of sashimi!
  • The Japanese Santoku Knife... An Introduction

    Santoku knives are everywhere. You can find them in professional and home kitchens, on food networks being used by famous chefs, and you can even see them at the hardware store or on sale standing in line at Whole Foods. You’ve definitely seen one and may have even used one without knowing it. Learn more about Japan's most popular kitchen knife and why it's essential to have one in every home.